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Mouser Strength Dynamics

Mouser Strength Dynamics is the driving force behind strength sports in the state of WV. The Mouser name has become synonymous with strength in West Virginia due to the two Mouser brothers that personify it.

This reputation is spreading across the country, as John Mouser travels to military bases, seminars, and training classes from coast to coast. John is a top heavyweight strongman competitor and performer who specializes in armed and unarmed combat, strength and conditioning for fighting and sports, as well as being a WVU graduate and fitness expert. John has studied and practiced combat strategies with BJJ black belts, national champion boxers, mma fighters, military personnel, MALC, and has extensively studied and trained with revered fighting expert Paul Vunak.

Paul Mouser is the state chairman for North American Strongman, and he promotes, organizes, and officiates strongman contests throughout the state. Paul is also a WVU graduate who specializes in the preparation of strongmen and strongwomen athletes, powerlifters, and fighters. Mouser Strength Dynamics puts on strongman stage shows at various events, and Paul is the agent, promoter, and MC for such events. Additionally, Paul builds specialty equipment for strongman competitions and competitors, such as heavy atlas stones and giant logs for lifting overhead. Contact Mouser Strength Dynamics for all of your physical performance and combat conditioning needs

Learn more at www.mouserpower.com


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